For the holidays send a magicjack to your family.
Remember, two MagicJacks anywhere in the world
communicate with each other for FREE.

Please call 919-303-7596 or
email  to purchase it.

International users can also call ALL other magicjack users for FREE regardless of where they are located including within their own countries between people who both have magicJacks.

So two people both with magicJacks can speak with each other for FREE between London and Liverpool, Rome and Venice, Mumbai and New Delhi, Shanghai and Beijing, India and UK, France and Brazil, etc.

That is any other two places on the globe !

Remember CONFERENCING is a FREE Feature with MagicJack.

MagicJack international rates are so low it's actually less expensive use these rates within a country or between countries than to dial directly using that country's high local rates.


Please call 919-303-7596 or
email  to purchase it.

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Even if you are locked in by a contract with vonage or another phone subscriber, you will discover your savings with MagicJack. The ROI (return on investment) is 10 fold.You can take MagicJack with you on your business or vacation trip if your computer is going and continue to call for FREE instead of paying a hotel phone bill.

Your calling limit between two magicjacks is the WORLD !!!

Created by Samuel Benjamin